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    Queensland Traffic Offenders Program

    QTOP - Welcome! - Queensland Traffic Offenders Program or QTOP for short assists traffic offenders from re-offending....

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  • Road Safety

    Life and Death Is Not a Game

    ROAD safety is the nation's biggest health issue. Scratch the surface and look beyond the machines and you'll see improving road safety is about people, communities and respect for life.

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  • Expert Guidance

    The lecturers are all qualified experts in their particular fields and include, the Queensland Fire Department, Queensland Ambulance, Paramedics, Road Traffic Authority, qualified drug and alcohol counsellors, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, grief and trauma counsellors, victims of road accidents, police and lawyers.

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  • Lighter Sentence

    Knowledge that will may save a life

    The offender may receive a lighter sentence and fine, dependent upon the individual circumstances of the case and the offenders background. We cannot give any guarantees as the Magistrate will deal with offenders on a case by case basis You will certainly not be worse off by doing the course.

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  • About

    The Traffic Offenders Program is an educational court diversion program that involves expert lecturers from a diverse range of fields.

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Our Successful Award Winning Professional Court recognised traffic offenders program/road safety program is a three (3) session program (one night a week). Our program can be completed in 1.5 weeks if you are willing to alternate between both the Nerang and Brisbane venues.

We are highly recognised throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast & Queensland. Our well established program has been running since March 2006!  That is over 11 years of educating on road safety in Queensland!  

    PH: 0401 344 982 FOR ENROLMENT:

  • Please enrol - call on 0401 344 982;
  • COST: $185.00 (incl. GST) - Payment required on booking or before start date. No refunds are issued on program fees. No cash accepted for payment.
  • If you would like to send an email to book in please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your card details of card number/expiry/cvv -advise date of enrolment, name and contact number and we will send an Enrolment Confirmation once received.

  • Professional presenters with experience!
  • Our program runs weekly at Nerang (Tuesday nights) and Mt Gravatt (Wednesday nights);   Three (3) subject program so either 3 sessions on a Tuesday at Nerang or 3 sessions at Mt Gravatt OR it can be completed in 1.5 weeks if you alternate between venues - your choice!;
  • Our program is a rotating program so you can start any week subject to availability; To complete the program, you must attend subjects numbered 1-3 doesn't matter what order! 
  • Bookings are essential! 
  • On your first night you are required to arrive at 6.30pm to complete all necessary paperwork, each week thereafter, you can arrive at 6.45pm. Program runs from 7.00pm (sharp) till approximately 8.30-8.45pm each night. Please be aware that there is no entry once the doors have closed at 7.00pm
  • Open for all to attend - new driver in the house - educate them on road safety before they commit an offence!

Our program is fully recognised by the Qld Magistrates Court / Corrective Services / Lawyers as we are in our 11th year of running our program! All Queensland Magistrates are fully aware of our QTOP program!

Please note we are not a Government program or are we affiliated with any quick programs that have been established!  We are fully recognised, longest serving, award winning professional program in Qld! Demonstrate to the Court you are committed to change - Quick fix programs don't demonstrate commitment! Just ask your Lawyer or Magistrate!



Thank you everyone who has attended Qtop for your letters/cards/flowers of thanks recently - We appreciate the time and effort you take to write those letters of thanks - "Thank you again for the exceptional course that you have put together and provide.  It has been a most worthwhile experience and has taught me a great deal!  You have designed it to powerfully drive home the importance of not drinking and driving (or better, just driving with utmost care). I thank you too for the considerate and conscientious way that you personally manage the course and deal with the participants, even to the extent of the reminder text yesterday.  I really appreciated your respectful, no-nonsense approach.  Thank you.'  - More testimonials below - saving lives is what we do!


How exciting - QTOP Program is a finalist in the Innovation & Community Awards for the Australian Road Safety Awards! We know we save lives weekly running our program and changing the mindset of traffic offenders!


Due to our QTOP Program being a finalist in the Innovation & Community Awards for the Australian Road Safety Awards in Melbourne on this day, we will run our Wednesday night session on Monday 21 March - sorry if any inconvenience is caused!



Three (3) Session Program- You can start any week subject to availability. You can choose 3 sessions at one venue or alternate and have completed quicker, your choice!

TUESDAY NIGHT: Life Development Centre, 67 Warrener Street, Nerang (beside Nerang Railway Station)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Mt Gravatt Bowls Club, Carson Room, 1873 Logan Road, Upper Mt Gravatt.

Enrolments are necessary Ph: 0401 344 982

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