Thank you QTOP – Your program was excellent and I learnt so much.  Jo


The program was actually extremely insightful, and eye opening. I truely think every driver should have to undergo this program and learning prior to being awarded a licence. As much as I made a mistake, there were so many teachings within this program that I am grateful for now learning.  I appreciate this course and have actually encouraged some of my friends to do it just as it was so informative. I have also passed on some of the insights I have gained to my friends as its really useful information that I don’t believe a lot of people know. Thank you, Cindy




Wow I didn’t think I would learn much and I thought I knew everything, I was so wrong.  What an informative, professional road safety program.  Great work QTOP – you saved my life and changed my mindset.                            Sam



Been driving for over 38 years and have never done a program like this.  I have completed so many defensive driving programs but this is the best I have ever done – should be mandatory for every driver.  Covers so many aspects of road safety.                                                                                                                 Brian



Yes I am a new driver, Yes I am a PPlater, Yes I thought I knew it all, Yes I thought I was bulletproof, Yes I have learnt I am so inexperienced and new on the roads.  I need to respect my licence and respect other road users.  My parents don’t want the knock on the door.  Thank you QTOP, wish I did this before I got my licence.                                                                                                    Jake



Why don’t we do a program like this when we get our licence or renew our licence?  This is fantastic, so professionally run.  Loved the online version so that I could complete around family/work commitments.  Well done to all involved.  Staff are so professional, friendly and non-judgemental.          Helen