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Howden Saggers Lawyers has provided expert legal advice and representation since 2002. In 2013, we were voted by our peers to be the No 1 Criminal Law Firm in Australia.

Howden Saggers Lawyers has been a leading criminal law firm in Queensland for twenty years.  We specialise in the core practice of criminal law, which enables us to deliver the highest quality legal representation to our clients.  We acknowledge that we cannot be experts in all areas of law. Where our clients have multiple legal proceedings, emerging or on foot, we work collaboratively with other specialist legal representatives to safeguard the interests of our clients.  A single incident may give rise to a number of different legal issues. For example, an allegation of criminal behaviour may also be the trigger for proceedings of a different nature such as workplace, family, personal injury or taxation litigation or immigration (such as visa cancellations). Making a client aware of how the conduct of one matter may impact another allows our clients to make informed decisions.