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Objectives & Goals

QTOP – Queensland Traffic Offenders Program


  • To utilise a variety of reality checks and impact methods to deter traffic offenders from re-offending; and
  • To provide expert information of an educational nature about the dangers of drink driving and unsafe driving for the purpose of deterring traffic offenders from re-offending;
  • QTOP reminds drivers of their responsibilities on the roads not only to themselves but other innocent road users in our communities.

Goals for Participants:

  • Promote safe drinking levels;
  • Provide strategies to help drivers avoid unsafe driving, and driving whilst intoxicated;
  • Realise the short and long term effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body;
  • Realise the ways in which drugs and alcohol affect one’s ability to drive, particularly with coordination and reaction time;
  • Helping people to understand the underlying issues why they drive whilst disqualified;
  • To realise and appreciate the dangers of unsafe driving and / or drink driving and become aware of the realistic consequences of their actions as far as victims and family traumas are concerned; and
  • To become informed as to the legal ramifications of their actions, eg. potential jail terms and / or loss of licence for life.

Objectives & Goals

To utilise a variety of reality checks and impact methods to deter traffic offenders from re-offending; and …..Read More »

Applicable Offences

The program is particularly aimed at First and second time offenders, and is generally only relevant on one occasion…..

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How It Works

Participants must bring their brochure to be signed each week and at the end of the 3 weeks, a certificate will be provided to present to the magistrate….

Participant Guidelines

Participants must complete this course without missing any sessions except for emergency, health or bereavement reasons……


What people have to say who have attended and completed the course and how it has helped them…

Only Australian Award Winning Program - 2 x Queensland Road Safety Awards - Most Recognised Program In Queensland!

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WOW WOW WOW – can’t believe what I learnt from this program about road safety – I looked forward to each week to hear more – I am such a better driver now and aware of all the offences out there – brilliant, fantastic set up, professional, staff helpful and pleasant – not embarrassing to be there at all which I thought it would be – can understand why this program is supported by the Magistrates of Queensland – glad I did it. Trust me this is the best program/course I have ever done.

Sam 31 Years Brisbane March 20, 2017

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