Schedule – Week 1

WEEK 1 – Alcohol and Other Drugs: Health Effects and Impact on Driving

Presenters: Drug & Alcohol Counsellors

Professionally qualified Drug and Alcohol Counsellors from the local community will provide their expertly prepared tailored made lectures with slide material.

  • Driving under the influence of drugs is dangerous as it can affect driving ability. With side effects such as slower reaction times, distorted perceptions of speed and distance and reduced concentration and coordination;
  • Mixing drugs with other drugs or alcohol can seriously affect your health and your ability to drive safely. You may not feel intoxicated when in fact you could be over the limit.
  • Never drive after taking illegal drugs.
  • Never drive after taking prescribed or over-the-counter medications that could affect your driving.
  • If you take any drug and you are unsure how it will affect your ability to drive, don\’t drive. Use public transport, ask someone else to drive or catch a taxi.

For confidential help and/or information contact the Alcohol and Drug Information Service on +61 7 3837 5989 or 1800 177 833 (all hours).