Objectives and Goals


  • To utilise a variety of reality checks and impact methods to deter traffic offenders from re-offending; and
  • To provide expert information of an educational nature about the dangers of drink driving and unsafe driving for the purpose of detering traffic offenders from re-offending.

Goals for Participants:

  • Promote safe drinking levels;
  • Provide strategies to help drivers avoid unsafe driving, and driving whilst intoxicated;
  • Realise the short and long term effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body;
  • Realise the ways in which drugs and alcohol affect one’s ability to drive, particularly with coordination and reaction time;
  • Helping people to understand the underlying issues why they drive whilst disqualified;
  • To realise and appreciate the dangers of unsafe driving and / or drink driving and become aware of the realistic consequences of their actions as far as victims and family traumas are concerned; and
  • To become informed as to the legal ramifications of their actions, eg. potential jail terms and / or loss of license for life.