Applicable Offences – Covering all traffic offences

Applicable Offences

Covering all traffic offences:

    • Drink / Drug Driving Offenders
    • Unsafe Driving / Dangerous Operation of Motor Vehicle/ Undue Care & Attention/ Hooning 
    • Disqualified Drivers/ Unlicensed Drivers
    • Suspended Licence 
    • Work Licence Applications / Special Hardship Order Applications
    • Education purposes/Refresher Course
    • Drivers Appealing Licence Disqualifications

You can commence the program immediately and do not have to wait until your first court appearance date.  The face to face program is 3 sessions – once a week for 3 weeks at either Nerang or Brisbane.  The online program is a minimum of 4 days to complete.

Fantastic program for new drivers – Educate them before an offence is committed! – Please note the program is also open to the wider community – you don’t have to be an offender!