Applicable Offences – Covering all traffic offences

Applicable Offences

Covering all traffic offences:

    • Drink / Drug Driving Offenders
    • Unsafe Driving / Dangerous Operation of Motor Vehicle/ Undue Care & Attention/ Hooning Offenders
    • Disqualified Drivers/ Unlicensed Drivers
    • Suspended Licence Offenders
    • Work Licence Applications / Special Hardship Order Applications
    • Education purposes/Refresher Course
    • Drivers Appealing Licence Disqualifications

If you have been charged with a traffic offence, it is our advice that you contact your local solicitor or one of our staff  to discuss the relevance of the program in relation to your offence.  You can commence the program immediately and do not have to wait until your first court appearance date.

Fantastic program for new drivers – Educate them before an offence is committed! – Please note the program is also open to the wider community – you don’t have to be an offender!